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Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd.
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. Funding call starts April 1 2017 www.funding consortium.ca
Interim Report
The Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd. (ACIDF) is a private not-for-profit company owned by organizations in Alberta’s crop industry. We invest in research, development and pre-commercialization projects and activities to the benefit of producers and industry in the province. Supported primarily by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, the company manages five investment initiatives. Our portfolio ranges from basic sciences through to support for product development and manufacturing process. The major portion of investment is targeted at production issues and applied sciences with strong emphasis on applied technology that benefit agricultural crop producers. Alberta’s crop sector is successful, thanks to you, the agriculture community. Thanks to the crop Commissions (ACIDF signatories) for their hard work in getting ACIDF additional funds. The Alberta Agriculture and Forestry awarded ACIDF 1.5 million to invest in crop diseases and pest management. For more details on this additional grant please contract Alan Hall at 403 782-8698, cell 403-1105 or email alan@acidf.ca
  Feeding Initiative Is now closed. For more information click here or the button in the header.
What’s new in research? Two page Briefing Notes from lead researchers to value for the industry A special report from the Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund. Please click on the
Fund 2008 Is completed and click here for the final report.
Now accepting electronic Applications for the Crop Pest Response Fund Applications will be considered through to April 30, 2017, or until available funding is depleted. The Crop Pest Response Fund is a pilot program to support rapid response to crop-related pest and disease threats within Alberta. This makes funds available to address or minimize production risks. Approved projects will be relevant to administration of the Alberta Agricultural Pests Act, the Alberta Weed Control Act, and associated regulations.