Investment Targets ACIDF Feeding Initiative
The Feeding Initiative has the following investment targets for each of the three strategic priorities. Strategic Priority 1 - The more efficient utilization of feed grains by the livestock sector. Investment Targets: 1.1 Processing Grain - Improve ruminant feed cost per unit of gain by evaluating how traditional processed small grain varieties and/or agronomic practices affect animal performance. 1.2 Co-products - Leverage sources of energy from readily available co-products of sufficient volume with traditional feed grain utilization to lower feed cost per unit of gain. 1.3 Additives - Utilize additives (including enzymes) to improve feed cost per unit of gain. 1.4 New Processing Technology - Evaluate and adopt new processing technology to improve feed cost per unit of gain. Strategic Priority 2 – The development of technologies that would permit the identification of feed grain attributes that would allow the value of feed grain to be properly determined by growers and feeders. Investment Targets: 2.1 Feedlot Efficiency - Determine what is driving feedlot feed efficiency (cost per unit gain) that can be measured and adopted by the industry using scientifically accepted protocols. 2.2 NIR Adoption - Drive rapid adoption of NIR technology via new and established industry networks. 2.3 Safe Feed - Reduce detection costs of mycotoxins and antibiotic residues in DDGS using NIR technology. Strategic Priority 3 – The investment in product development through increased investment in public and/or private research and plant breeding dedicated to feed grain.   Investment Targets: 3.1 A 4% Yield Curve - Determine and demonstrate complementary plant breeding and agronomic management strategies that combined deliver a 4% compound annual yield curve increase in feed cultivars of the following crops – barley, wheat, triticale and peas. 3.2 Alternative Crops - Expand adoption of alternate crop platforms as feed grain options.
Feeding Initiative Supported by ALMA Ltd.
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