Now in the library are updates on completed projects. - NIRS comes to the meat plant - An integrated approach to managing stripe rust in wheat -Study evaluates canola meal for dairy calves - New data accelerates NIRS for complete feeds - Research sees promise in new barley toolkit - Shorter-season hybrids spark growth in Alberta corn production
Feeding Initiative
Investment in Alberta’s Agriculture Competitiveness
Feeding Initiative Program Overview The objective of this initiative is to improve the competitiveness of Alberta’s feed grain production and its utilization through livestock.  Feed grains include wheat, barley, triticale, hulless barley, peas, co-products of sufficient volume such as DDGS, canola meal, wheat millrun and the possibility of new crops down the road.  It will be accomplished through supporting research and development projects, attracting investment into the feed grain production and feeding sector, accelerating commercialization of leading edge technology and strengthening supply chain’s business relationships. This initiative is FULLY COMMITTED. The strategic priorities are: 1. “Feed Utilization” The more efficient utilization of feed grains by the livestock sector. 2. “Feed Value” The development of technologies that would permit the identification of feed grain attributes that would allow the value of feed grain to be properly determined by growers and feeders.  This will optimize value capture by both the feed grower and the feed user. 3. “Innovation in Breeding” The investment in product development through increased investment in public and /or private research and plant breeding dedicated to feed grain. For more information on ACIDF’s Feeding Initiative full report click here The Feeding Initiative deliverables include: - New processes or technologies in feed processing. - New technologies and practices to better determine feed quality and value. - Evidence for use by industry of the analytical feed quality control. - Economic impact of the new technologies in industry as evidence by enhanced feed efficiency and /or lower cost feeding strategies. - Additional cumulative investment from other sources. Under the agreement with the ALMA (Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency), $8 million has been allocated to the Feeding Initiative. ACIDF is responsible for its administration and funding.  It is to be fully committed by 2015.  Preference will be given to proposals that are augmented by partnering with other funding agencies, industry and commodity groups to leverage the investment. Overall leverage expected is the new $8 million from the ACIDF/ALMA Feeding Initiative and $24 million of other financing for a total of at least $32 million new investment in improving feed competitiveness.
Feeding Initiative Supported by ALMA Ltd.
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Thanks to all who help make this program a sucess. Click the link for the Final Report. This report contains both the Feeding Initiative and the NIRS grants. NIRS Equipment Grant Thanks to those of you that applied, ACIDF has approved funding for 39 units up to $20,000 in funding each. This grant is now closed.
$$$$ $$$$ Innovative Feed Research finds $4.00 of extra margin per hog.