Eligibility and Criteria ACIDF Feeding Initiative
Feeding Initiative Supported by ALMA Ltd.
Feeding Initiative Eligibility. FULLY COMMITTED Eligible projects under this initiative are research and development projects in the 3 strategic focus areas that are expected to contribute to the growth and development of the crop and livestock industry in the Province. Research organizations, companies or industry groups may apply.  Investment may be made outside of Alberta, where in the best interest of the initiative. Decision Criteria Research and development projects will be prioritized to meet the following criteria: - Identified priority of industry with a measurable chance of success and impact. - Clearly defined deliverables and identifiable benefit to one or more of Alberta’s crop and livestock sectors. - Thorough assessment of size and specifics of economic benefits to who and specific impacts of project on production / business risk of feed suppliers, feed users, feed manufacturers and other supply chain and value chain participants. - A clear, well defined technology transfer and commercialization effort outlined and implementable with adequate resources and partners / investors. - Ability to show measureable practical solutions around feed grain production and utilization that industry will easily adopt and that commercial adoption is underway. - Exemplify superior scientific design and delivery. - Includes a well-defined team with appropriate qualifications, leadership / project management ability, and access to appropriate resources for the task. Program Funding Information (Proposal Expectations) FULLY COMMITTED Proposals will be accepted for all 9 of the identified investment targets.  Priority will be given to those proposals meeting objectives within the following “six” targets: 1. Feed Utilization 1.1 Processing Grain 1.2 Co-products 1.4 New Processing Technology 2. Feed Value 2.1 Feedlot Efficiency 2.2 NIR Adoption 3. Innovation in Breeding 3.1 A 4% Yield Curve Proposals meeting objectives within one of the “six” priority investment target areas and that are strongly leveraged with other funding sources will be the highest priority.  The fund is required to leverage the $8 million within the Feeding Initiative fund to at least $32 million.  Leverage may vary by project but overall these are the targets for the Feeding Initiative. Final reports are required to demonstrate industry buy-in and measured economic impact of the research and development project.
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