ACIDF Spring Newsletter
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Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd.
Pencil Sketch of ACIDF a short history and background of our company.
Feeding Initiative
Alberta’s crop sector is successful, thanks to you, the agriculture community. We welcome proposals that ensure the greatest benefit to Alberta farmers in the areas listed below.   NOTE the totals do not include projects in front of the board. 2.7 million into Pests/Diseases/Surveillance 4.9 million into Agronomy/CTF 4.4 million into Varieties/Genetics 1.8 million into Product Development 2.6 million into Scale-up related   Attention to all potential applicants, please visit the business section in the library to see if your ideas qualify. ACIDF is managing an $8 million grant program sponsored by ALMA. This program is to increase feed efficiency, identification of feed quality and feed competiveness in Alberta. Require more information click here or the button in the header.
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Researchers target safe, nutritious Alberta-grown vegetables. Projects include: - taking variable-rate irrigation for a test- drive, - revolutioning seed potato production, - putting agronomy first for superior quality, - creating a vibrant lentil production and processing industry in Alberta, - thinking of new uses for vegetable oil, both for food and function. From agronomy to markets, discover how the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development researchers are working with others to move agriculture products ahead. These are the stories you will find in the spring 2014 newsletter.  These insects really can do a number on canola. For more information click here.   Click here to discover how Bedrock Environmental Research transforms efficiency of building site restoratiion Photos courteous of Bedrock Environmet Services and features Justin Gilligan. Also to watch the video of this project please click on the link.
Male root maggot
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ACIDF has both applications and interim reporting forms available for your convenience. Click applications in the menu at the top or the buttons below. Deadlines for accepting applications: April 15th is the deadline for accepting proposals to be reviewed by June. Anything after and before Sept 1 will be reviewed in October.
July 2014- Letters of Intent  opens.  For updates go to www.funding Funding Consortium
The Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd. (ACIDF) is a private not-for-profit company owned by oranizations in Alberta’s crop industry. We invest in research, development and pre-commercialization projects and activities to the benefit of producers and industry in the province. Supported primarily by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, the company manages five investment initiatives. Our portfolio ranges from basic sciences through to support for product development and manufacturing process. The major portion of investment is targeted at production issues and applied sciences with strong emphasis on applied technology that benefit agricultural crop producers.