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Alberta’s crop sector is successful, thanks to you, the agriculture community. ACIDF funding is currently FULLY COMMITTED. Please check back regularly to see if opportunities for funding are available. What’s new in research? Click on the title of interest. Landmark study charts new course for water quality When 72 hours makes a world of difference Retailers and consumers love Alberta’s heart-shaped cucumber Agronomy work pushes sugar beet yields higher Research Priorities The Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund (ACIDF) has been asking producers, researchers, agronomists and others which areas they consider the highest priority for that work. Find out what they have been saying by clicking on the following links: - Research priorities for beekeepers in Alberta - Research priorities for irrigated crop production in Alberta - Research priorities for greenhouse production in Alberta - Effectively Managing and Maximizing the Benefits of Crop Inputs  - Knowledge Transfer - Integrated Pest Management - Tillage, Harvest and Residue Management Practices - Continued Support for Plant Breeding - Water and Moisture Management - Seeding Practices - Soil Health - Precision Agriculture and Data Management - Research Priorities for Forage Production in Alberta, Part 1 - Research Priorities for Forage Production in Alberta, Part 2
Crop Ingedient Strategy Crop Ingedient Strategy
July 2015- Letters of Intent opens. Closes Sept 26 2015 For updates go to www.funding consortium.ca
Interim Report
ACIDF is currently fully committed and is not requesting applications until further notice.
The Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd. (ACIDF) is a private not-for-profit company owned by organizations in Alberta’s crop industry. We invest in research, development and pre-commercialization projects and activities to the benefit of producers and industry in the province. Supported primarily by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, the company manages five investment initiatives. Our portfolio ranges from basic sciences through to support for product development and manufacturing process. The major portion of investment is targeted at production issues and applied sciences with strong emphasis on applied technology that benefit agricultural crop producers.
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Feeding Initiative ACIDF is managing an $8 million grant program sponsored by ALMA. This program is to increase feed efficiency, identification of feed quality and feed competitiveness in Alberta. This initiative is also FULLY COMMITTED. For more information click here or the button in the header.
“Why has a value-added crop ingredient manufacturing/processing industry not emerged within western Canada?Click on the button on the right to find the answer.